My most recent series “Circles of Light”and “Set Yourself Free”are both created within hand-folded shadow boxes.  I have purposely eliminated the wooden and glass framing so that these artistic creations can slowly erode over time instead of contributing to the vast garbage pile on our earth.  I invite you to feel the stillness emanating from them and witness their slow transformation. They remind us that our world is constantly evolving and yet remains filled with beauty and potential.

With my first child preparing to leave for college, I have recently felt a heightened awareness of time’s passing.  This new series entitled “Time / Essence” reflects on the delicate nature of our days and on our inability to slow down time.

My “Rupture”series comments on how quickly society can move from order and stability to chaos. Breaking from the regular cadence of folds, I create movement, ruptures, and shifts to illustrate how structures we take for granted can begin to fail.